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Full policy name Glen Eden Playcentre – Adult Conduct policy
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  1. To ensure centre members understand how to keep themselves safe from accusations of child abuse when undertaking personal care of young children.



  1. All adults are responsible for the safety of children present at Playcentre.
  2. A minimum of two adults will be on duty every session. [Association specific guidelines]


  1. Adults should tell another adult when taking a child, other than their own to the toileting or nappy changing area.
  2. Toileting facilities are managed to ensure maximum visibility yet sufficient privacy.
  3. The approved adult : child ratio will be upheld at all times during session. Should a spontaneous excursion occur the adult : child ratio will be maintained as stated in the Excursion policy. There must be adequate First Aid for both groups
  4. Adults enrolling in Playcentre will be informed about this policy.
  5. Playcentre will hold up-to-date resources on the recognition and prevention of child abuse for centre members.

Accusations of Abuse at a Session

  1. Any adult accused of child abuse at a session will be taken off session duties while the complaint is investigated.
  2. Support will be provided by another centre member, or association personnel, or referral to the human rights commissioner will be made while the complaint is investigated.
  3. If the complaint is upheld procedures will be taken to terminate the membership or employment of the person accused. See child protection policy for investigation procedure.

Regulations and policies


  • ECE Regulations 2008 43, 46 & 47
  • Ece Licensing Criteria 2008
  • Curriculum C3 & C13
  • Health & Safety HS 17, 31, 32, 33
  • Governance & Management GMA 2 & 7

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  • Communication with parents
  • Complaints procedure
  • Child protection
  • Excursion policy
  • Positive behaviour policy

Useful resources

  • Breaking the Cycle, an interagency Guide to child Abuse CYPFA

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