The President is the co-ordinator of the centre, and the role can be shared with a vice president or co-president.


  • It is advisable that the President has Course 2 and is ideally actively working towards gaining Course 3 certificate.
  • Understands Playcentre philosophy.
  • Has working knowledge of centre policies and procedures
  • Has working knowledge of Te Akoranga Playcentre constitution
  • Has a general idea of the administration of the Federation
  • Have a working knowledge of the duties of all office holders
  • Prepared to represent the centre at outside functions. Promote Playcentre and liaise with outside groups: i.e. local school, dental clinic, Plunket, health nurse, library,


Encourages harmonious relationships between members with open communication and a sense of belonging and responsibility to the centre. Helps all families feel welcome, understand the Playcentre philosophy and enjoy being involved in the running of the centre. Encourages participation in meetings, workshops and courses run for the centre by the Association.

Working co-operatively

No matter how the centre is organised, it is for the president to see that no one has too heavy a load. This is not only for the sake of the person, but for the healthy functioning of the centre. The strength of a voluntary organisation lies in the acceptance of the fact that all members have contributions to make. All have the opportunity to act as leaders as the occasion arises.

Guiding centre meetings

  • Ensures centre meetings are held
  • Either chairs meetings or is responsible for ensuring that there is a suitable chairperson.
  • Receives written reports from all the office holders at each monthly meeting (to be minuted).
  • Sees that visitors and speakers are looked after and are offered transport.
  • Helps prepare agenda with the Secretary for each meeting at least one week prior to the meeting.
  • Presents reports to each monthly meeting.

Contributing to Association meetings:

  • Ensures that the centre is represented at all Association meetings.
  • Each centre reads out the four words to describe the centre in the past month.
  • Each centre is required to hand in a written report to the Association minutes secretary to be included in the minutes.
  • Delegates/representative of the centre should ensure that information from the meeting (and any convenors meetings attended) is passed to the relevant office holders.
  •  A written report should be presented at the next monthly meeting.

Support & professional development

  • Attend officer orientation meeting after Centre AGM
  •  Advice, help, information and support via centre Liaison Field Officer, Association President or other Association positions.
  • Supportive of office holders and ensuring they are aware of duties and who the relevant Association convenor is, and how to contact them.
  • Establish a close working relationship with the centre secretary.
  • Presidents support meeting
  • Aware of national conference as a supportive network