What we’re doing about it

Our plan is simple.

We’re going to travel across the country doing the same media stunt with different local stories.

We’re doing to series of actions.

One will start in Auckland and the other in the bottom of the South Island on Saturday 2 August. They’ll meet in the middle at Parliament on Saturday 8 August.

The action has three key elements:

1. Strong visual

We’re going to put 214 crosses in a public place. The crosses represent the number of workers who have died since the Government promised to improve health and safety law.

2. Local, human-interest story

A family affected by a workplace accident or death will help place the crosses. They’ll tell their story and call on the Government to improve the law.

3. Targeted

The action will be outside a local MP’s office. If it’s a bad site, we’ll use a striking public location.

Can you help us?

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